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NCOVR is a new agency specialized in the production and organization of esport events with an international dimension which actively, durably and responsibly participates in the structuring of the market thanks to its know-how, technical and human resources.

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Born from the idea of combining key and complementary skills in esports, NCOVR brings together profiles from several backgrounds:

  • Entertainment industry, gaming, marketing, UX and viewer experience
  • Esports tournaments organization and administration
  • Editorial, events production and video quality

The NCOVR agency produces and develops proprietary tournaments (UFA, etc...) and also supports its B2B customers in the implementation of online and offline 360° esport solutions ranging from the definition of their strategy to the production of esport plans: tournaments, leagues, events...


NCOVR has a range of specialists which allows us to offer expertise in the following areas...
Skills Events

Events production

With more than 7 years in the field, NCOVR can produce video game events of all size and all kind. Esports or casual, we can cater to all your needs with our seasonned veteran organizers for tournaments, launch parties or event B2B events. Also, even if events are just not a matter of money, you can trust us to stick tightly to your budget.

Skills Tournaments

Tournaments organization

Thanks to our experience with the biggest fighting games tournament in Europe, Ultimate Fighting Arena and some other prestigious events like Dota 2 Major MDL in Disney, we can organize tournaments of all size and all kind of games, console, PC or mobile. We also have a dedicated team of seasonned tournament organizers fromm the biggest game communities. It's pretty simple: you name it, we make it.

Skills Talents

Talents management

Since the rise of esports, the NCOVR staff got to work and create deep bonds with the finest gaming talents from all countries . Since then we created a pool of talented and professional people for animating, commentating and creating some story telling around our events.

Skills Video Production and Broadcast

Video Production & Broadcast

Our core team also include some of the finest Esports and gaming video producers in Europe. We are producing big gaming shows and content in Europe, America and even Africa for some of the most famous brands : Red Bull, Ubisoft, Disney, Renault, Logitech, Orange. You can count on our versability and adaptibility to deliver you the best possible broadcast.

Skills Studios


Close to Paris, NCOVR also have a 600 square meters TV studio with high grade broadcast hardware, 4 TV sets, dedicated sound and video editing rooms with the latest technologies and a full TV crew to deliver a solid TV and broadcast experience with high quality standard up to 4K.

we are ncovr

At NCOVR, we have built a team of enthusiasts and experts, who, based on their experiences,
succeed in creating events among the most appreciated by players around the world!
Aboubakary Camara
Aboubakary Camara
Frédérick Gau
Frédérick Gau
Jean Baptiste Oudinot
Jean Baptiste Oudinot
Florian Sangiorgio
Florian Sangiorgio
Quentin Baule
Quentin Baule
Renaud Dol
Renaud Dol
Xavier Oswald
Xavier Oswald
Clément Laparra
Clément Laparra
Davy Bigord
Davy Bigord
Valentin Lormeau
Valentin Lormeau
Victor Jolivet
Victor Jolivet

Events list

First major tournament: Ultimate Fighting Arena 2019

All skills combined, NCOVR has produced and given a new dimension to the third edition of the Ultimate Fighting Arena, a fully offline Versus Fighting tournament. With more chan 11 games, the support of games publishers and more than 1100 gamers including the best players in the world in their discipline (Wawa, MkLeo, SonicFox...), UFA has become the biggest European event of its kind and 3rd biggest LAN in France.

UFA 2019 now takes a major place in the global Versus Fighting community, demonstrating the ability of NCOVR to associate the quality of production of an event with a large crowd of participants and spectators.

What's next?

With UFA 2019 as a benchmark, NCOVR is pushing forward with the planning of the 2020 edition, as well as other projects in the organization and production of esports events.

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